Monday, September 15, 2008

The Span Man

The Twins new baseball field will be called Target Field. That sounds better than say, Land O' Lakes field (LOL Field just doesn't look good.)
Good to see Cuddyer is finally back from the DL.
And it is great to see Morneau take over the AL RBI lead.

Now to today's main post topic. Denard Span, the Span man. I, along with most people thought Denard Span was a wasted first round draft pick. He just never really had good numbers in the minors. That is why the Twins traded for a CF in the Santana trade. But the Span man got LASIK eye surgery in the offseason and that or maybe other things we don't know about have made all the difference. The guy is one of the best lead off players in the game. He is a CF but he has been playing mainly in RF because Gomez is the best defensive CF in the game, but Span has been perhaps the best defensive RF this season. Here is what his numbers translate to over a full 162 game season:
That my friends is a quality lead-off hitter. Isn't that what you want? Someone who gets lots of walks, who gets on base at a high clip and who has some speed and steals, and a little gap power as well. I wonder who the Twins would have traded for if they knew Span was going to play out of his mind like this.
.304 AVG (15th best in league)
.387 OBP (5th best in the league)
.447 SLG
86 RBI (17th in league)
36 SB (6th in league)
122 Runs (1st)
187 Hits (3rd)
35 Doubles (15th in league)
11 Triples (2nd in league)
13 Home Runs
80 BB (7th in league)
.834 OPS (26th)


Reid said...

The Twins went 5-9 on their 14-game road trip, their longest of the season; the division-leading White Sox went 5-7 during that same stretch.

Tim Sederberg said...

Yeah it looks like nobody wants to win the division...