Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jazz/Twins similarities

I've noticed through the years that there are many similarities between the Minnesota Twins and Utah Jazz. In fact it sometimes makes it feel like I'm rooting for the same team in 2 different sports. I'd argue that the Twins are more similar to the Jazz than any other NBA team. Here are some similarities:

They both play at the loudest arena in their sport (HHH Metrodome and EnergySolutions Arena)

Both have abandoned one arena in the city (Metropolitan stadium, Salt Palace)

Both old stadiums have been converted to something else (Mall of America, Convention center)

Both are some of the best teams at home, away they are very mediocre.

They both are middle to small market teams.

They both are constantly underrated by the national media.

Few players thrive after leaving the team (exceptions: David Ortiz, Johan Santana, Mo Williams, Raja Bell. examples: Chuck Knoblauch, Doug Mientkiewicz, Cristian Guzman, Jacque Jones, Eric Milton, Eddie Guardado, Shandon Anderson, Greg Ostertag, Karl Malone, Bryon Russell, Gordan Giricek, etc.)

For a while they had the 2 longest tenured coaches with the same team: Jerry Sloan and Tom Kelly

Their best players are slightly underrated by the national media: Joe Mauer and Deron Williams

Neither team ever makes huge free agent signings or trades.

They both do above average in the draft

They both make some great trades every now and then (Pierzynski for Liriano, Nathan, Bonser.
Giricek for Korver. Jeff Malone for Jeff Hornacek.)

Both did very well when having one of the top 3 picks in the draft (Joe Mauer #1, Deron Williams #3)

Both are among the youngest teams in the league.

Both have been to the Finals/World Series 2 times in the past 21 years.

Both franchises moved to the current city from previous cities (New Orleans, D.C.)

Both have one of, if not the best 1-2 punches in the game (Mauer/Morneau, Williams/Boozer)

Last year both had one of the top scoring offenses in the league.

Both teams have 3 all-stars (Boozer, Okur, Kirilenko. Mauer, Morneau, Nathan)

Neither is very good at doing things fans generally love most (3-pointers, home runs) but both are very exciting teams.

Both play the sport the old-school way (picks, bunts, etc.)

Both teams have had a player win the MVP award in the past 12 years (Malone, Morneau)

Both teams collect good people. They avoid troublemakers in the clubhouse.

Both have announcers that get excited really easily but sound good when they do (Bremer, Bolerjack)

Anyways you get the point.

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