Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joe Mauer wins first Gold Glove

Joe Mauer won his first Gold Glove Award today. He is the first Twins catcher to receive a gold glove since 1962 (Earl Battey).

Mauer had a .997 fielding percentage. He only committed three errors and he threw out 18 base runners.

He also helped guide an extremely young pitching staff.

Mauer also won his second batting title this season.

He is the best hitting catcher and the best defensive catcher arguably in the game, and now he has the hardware to back it up. Mauer is only 25 years old and one of, if not the most valuable player in the American League. Being able to provide from both sides of the plate at such a hard position is extremely rare, and Mauer has a chance to go down as the best catcher in history.

Congrats Joe!


Matt said...

Great news! And I wanted you to know that this is my favorite blog in my rss feed. Always cutting edge, informative, and insightful. Nice work Timbo!

You should become a blogger when you grow up! Oh wait, you already are one...

Tim Sederberg said...

Thanks Matt!

The blog was mainly for me to write down my thoughts, but if other people like to read it, great!