Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Top Ten Favorite Jazz players of all-time

Note: I only put players I remember seeing play on the list. Hence Maravich, Dantley, Griffiths, etc. are disqualified.

1. Karl Malone
2. John Stockton
3. Deron Williams
4. Andrei Kirilenko
5. Jeff Hornacek
6. Memo Okur
7. Bryon Russell
8. Paul Millsap
9. Carlos Boozer
10. Donyell Marshall


Matt said...

My list: (Tim, you like Malone more than Stockton?)

1. John Stockton
2. Andre Kirilenko
3. Paul Millsap
4. Deron Williams
5. Karl Malone
6. Thurl Bailey
7. Darryl Griffith
8. Jeff Hornaceck
9. Mike Brown
10. Bryon Russell

Tim Sederberg said...

Matt you have the greatest PF of all-time at #5?

I like Malone the best because he was the best player ever for the Jazz. Dad agrees.

Matt said...

Okay maybe that was a bit harsh. But I just remember all the time Karl spent complaining each summer. I suppose I should overlook that, though. He was a good player.