Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet the Jose Reyes of the American League

Watching the game tonight made me realize that Carlos Gomez is really going to be a special player. In fact Francisco Liriano better look out because if Gomez keeps up the way he's been playing in spring training and the game tonight then he could take over the title of my favorite baseball player.

Gomez had 2 SB (including one where it was a pitchout and he still beat the throw) and double, a single (by a perfect bunt) and a walk. That is one good opening night. Carlos Gomez is going to be amazing!


Matthew Sederberg said...

Looks like he played really well. I'm sorry I missed the game.

Tricia and I were talking about your blog. She thinks you should also start a General Authority blog and share some of your great stories about them!

Matthew Sederberg said...

Tim, this was an interesting article in the New York Times. I actually didn't read the whole thing, but click on the graphic on the left to see the faces of all the managers.

Tim Sederberg said...

Matt looks like the link is broken.

Nice idea, but I don't think I could post that frequently because you don't really hear stories about them very often, their travels usually aren't well publisied.

Matthew Sederberg said...

sorry. here it is: