Monday, March 17, 2008

Stockton and Malone

The Jazz have two big holes: they don't have a defensive stopper in the middle and they don't have a great back-up point guard. Ronnie Price is alright but Deron Williams is having to play way too many minutes. The Jazz have as good of a shot as anybody at winning a championship this year, especially if they obtain home-court advantage in the Western Conference Playoffs.

It is a shame that Malone and Stockton didn't win a title. You know they only retired a few years ago. If Michael Jordan made a comeback (twice) why can't Stockton and Malone. I guarantee Malone would still be the most fit player in the NBA. Stockton probably still plays some games and he kept himself in excellent condition as well. I think the problem is that you can't add players at this point of the year if they want to play in the playoffs so of course this wouldn't work. But imagine Stockton coming in to spell Deron Williams for 10-15 minutes a game. Malone could easily provide 20-30 minutes, and could even play most the game if Memo or Boozer got in early foul trouble. He would shut down players in the inside. Plus Malone could tutor Boozer and teach him how to defend and Stockton could teach Williams all the little aspects of the game that can be so important. You cut Hart and Collins, add Malone and Stockton and you get a championship ring for everyone. I'd add Hornacek to the list but he said he couldn't make it down the court more than twice with his terrible knees. This would all be fun to watch but of course it will never happen.


Matthew Sederberg said...

Tim, do you think it was a mistake not to keep Dee Brown as the point guard backup?

Tim Sederberg said...

While signing Ronnie Price was an excellent move, signing Jason Hart was not. Keeping Dee Brown would have been better than paying more money to Hart.

The only reason why I was mad that Dee Brown wasn't resigned was that he was one of Deron's best friends, and keeping Brown around probably meant a better chance at keeping Williams around. I'm not too worried about that now after many comments of mutual respect and admiration between Williams and other Jazz people especially Sloan.

So really not signing Brown hurt us only at the beginning of the season due to not having a backup PG who knew the system. Price is better than Brown and at this point Brown wouldn't be helping out much, I don't think.