Monday, July 7, 2008

50 Wins

The Twins are at it again. They are quieting all their critics with this latest win streak of theirs. Nobody thought the Twins would have 50 wins so early in the season and nobody thought they would do better than Detroit and Cleveland. They are only 1 game behind the White Sox. We are at midseason and to get me back into blogging shape it is time to hand out some midseason grades and predictions:

C Joe Mauer - A. The dude is 2nd in On-Base Percentage and Batting Average in the league. He is starting in the All-Star game. I predict he will win his second batting title, the silver slugger, gold glove, and hit 10 HR. (only has 4 HR right now)
1B Justin Morneau - A. He only has 12 HR but is in 2nd place for RBI in the league. He made the all-star team. Prediction: 135 RBI, 25 HR.
2B Alexi Casilla - A+. 4th in the team in RBI with 35 despite playing in only 45 games. He has cemented himself as the Twins 2B of the future.
SS Brendan Harris - C. Needs more consistency.
3B Brian Buscher - A. Solid since being called up. .333 BA and I predict he is the Twins 3B until Danny Valencia reaches the majors.
RF Michael Cuddyer - C. He has gotten worse every year since his great 2006 year.
CF Carlos Gomez - B. A personal favorite, he is the most exciting player in baseball. Scouts say in 2 years he will be an elite talent.
LF Delmon Young - B. He is heating up lately. He is only 22 and was picked #1 for a reason. Prediction: He will still become one of baseball's best hitters.
DH Jason Kubel - A. He is one of the best hitters on the Twins, tied with Morneau for the team lead with 12.

3B Mike Lamb F
SS Adam Everett F
SS Nick Punto C
3B Matt Macri A-
LF Denard Span A-
SS Matt Tolbert B+

SP Livan Hernandez - C
SP Glen Perkins - B
SP Kevin Slowey - A-
SP Scott Baker - A-
SP Nick Blackburn A-

CL Joe Nathan A
RP Craig Breslow A
RP Matt Guerrier B+
RP Dennys Reyes B
RP Boof Bonser F
RP Jesse Crain B+
RP Brian Bass B

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Matthew Sederberg said...

Tim, good to see a post again.

It really is amazing that after trading away two all-stars, the Twins still have three all-stars this year!