Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Life of a Twins fan

Being a Twins fan definitely has it's ups and downs. It seems like the GM or Ron Gardenhire is like an idiot one moment and a genius the next. Here are just a few moments of countless memories over the past few years that make me love or be frustrated with the Twins.

1. 2008 - Having your best pitcher dominate in AAA (Liriano) while you have the likes of Livan Hernandez in the rotation. How is it possible the Twins don't have room for this kid?
2. 2007 - Playing Nick Punto everyday. In 2007 he put up some of the most atrocious numbers for an everyday player in MLB history. I think Ron Gardenhire likes Punto so much because Punto reminds Gardenhire of the player he once was, a decent glove, terrible batting infielder.
3. 2006 - The first time in 20 years the Twins have a player hit more than 30 HR's (Morneau and Hunter both reach the mark.) Why do the Twins frown on hitting home runs? Even David Ortiz didn't hit 30 HR's while with the Twins.
4. Being infatuated with old veterans and start them over good young players, while giving them way too much money. Examples are not limited but include Livan Hernandez, Rondell (RonDL) White, Juan Castro, Tony Batista, Sidney Ponson, Brett Boone, Phil Nevin, Ramon Ortiz, Henry Blanco, Mike Lamb, Adam Everett. Wow I think I just threw up in my mouth.
5. Never making a trade for a proven big-time player or signing a big-time free agent. I guess the Twins have made some great trades, but never for someone like a Carlos Beltran, a Miguel Tejada, a Adrian Beltre. And who was the last big-time free agent the Twins signed?

1. 2008 - Having nobody think the Twins will do anything worth of note, and then have them be near the top of the division for the season with an excellent chance to make the postseason. Oh and scoring more runs so far than good-hitting teams like the Yankees and White Sox and Tigers.
2. 2007 - Ok there was nothing too exhilarating about last year.
3. 2006 - The only thing that didn't happen was a championship. Morneau - MVP, Mauer - batting title, Santana - Cy Young, Liriano - emerges. And a comeback for the ages.
4. 2004 - The greatest trade ever. The Twins trade clubhouse cancer AJ Pierzynski to the Giants for Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan, and Boof Bonser. Pierzynski leaves the Giants the next year while the Twins get the best young pitcher in baseball who looks like the 2nd coming of Santana and the best closer in baseball over the past 4 years. And the called up some kid named Joe Mauer to take over catching duties.
5. Justin Morneau winning the home run derby. The victory for Morneau kind of epitomizes the whole existence of the Minnesota Twins. Everyone said that he wouldn't win it, he did win it by doing just enough and hitting at the right times, and when it was over people mispronounced his name and said that he didn't deserve it and that his victory would never be remembered. Poor Twinkies.

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