Thursday, July 17, 2008

The All-Mormon Baseball Team

SP Roy Halladay - He's the ace of the Blue Jays, and of this Mormon pitching staff. He has a lifetime ERA of 3.63 and he is a Cy Young winner.
SP Jack Morris - Pitched the most important game in Twins history, a 1-0 shutout in game 7 of the 1991 World Series.
SP Vernon Law - An all-star. He pitched from 1950-1967 and had an ERA of 3.77).
SP Bruce Hurst - Another all-star. Pitched from 1980-1994, career ERA of 3.92
SP Kelly Downs - pitched from 1986-1993, had anERA of 3.86
RP Jeremy Guthrie - 4.11 ERA, is still a young prospect.
CL Dennis Eckersley - a six-time All Star, an MVP, and a Cy Young Award winner.
Setup man - Rick Aguilera, a former Twins pitcher, all-star, and as of this year a member of the Twins hall-of-fame.

Onto the offense-

CF - Jacoby Ellsbury - The speedy rookie and leadoff hitter for the World Champion Boston Red Sox. He stole a base in the World Series last year, earning all the Americans one free taco from Taco Bell.
1B - Wally Joyner.
DH - Harmon Killebrew - 573 career homers. Greatest Minnesota Twin ever with apologies to Puckett, Carew, and Santana.
2B - Jeff Kent - One of the best offensive 2B of all-time. Has 365 home runs and is a six-time All Star.
RF - Dale Murphy - Hit 398 career homers. Two-time MVP, and also played Gold Glove-worthy right field.
LF- Dane Lorg.
3B - Vance Law, former all-star.
SS - Bobby Crosby. 2004 Rookie of the year. Plays for Oakland.
C - Alan Ashby

That is a good team! Halladay, Morris, Eckersley, Aguilera, Ellsbury, Joyner, Killebrew, Kent, and Murphy would be welcome additions to any team in the majors.


Matthew Sederberg said...

Interesting post, Tim! Do you know if Ellsbury or Halliday are active?

Tim Sederberg said...

I think Halliday is, I don't know about Ellsbury, I've only heard he was "raised a Mormon"

Brenda said...

Vernon Law was my BYU bishop. I have a small crystal flower vase he gave me when I served as his RS president 100 years ago.


Andrew said...

They forgot Clyde Wright, who still holds the record for most wins by a left handed pitcher in a season in Angels history with 22 wins in 1970, was 2nd in Cy Young voting that year, pitched a no hitter, and had a lifetime ERA of 3.50.
His son Jarret was pretty good too early in his carer with Cleavland and later had a pretty good year with Atlanta. If you take people in their prime, they have to be on the team!